St Manas Travel - Airport Transfers

About Us

As Stmanas Travel Agency, we provide service in Fethiye region. Our company operates in areas of activity such as airport transfers, daily tours and car rental. Our aim is to provide our guests with the best travel experience and to make their vacation unforgettable.

Airport Transfers

Airport transfers are very important to prevent holidaymakers from experiencing stress before starting their journey. With us, you can ensure that your guests arrive at the airport and start their vacation. The airport transfer services we offer provide comfortable and safe transportation from the airport to the accommodation by private vehicles.

Daily Excursions

Fethiye region is famous for its natural beauties, historical and cultural riches. We offer our guests daily tours specially designed to discover the most beautiful places of the region. Our guests have the opportunity to get to know the history, culture and traditions of the region closely on our tours, which are carried out in the company of professional guides.

Rent a Car

We offer the best car rental service to our guests on holiday in the Fethiye region. Our large fleet of vehicles allows our customers to find a vehicle that suits their needs. All of our rental vehicles are regularly maintained and cleaned. Our customers can safely drive rental cars and enjoy their holidays.

We work with us to give your guests the best travel experience. Our professional and experienced team provides customized services to suit our clients' needs. We are ready to meet all expectations of holidaymakers with our flexible services for different needs. As St Manas Transfer, we are working to offer holidaymakers an unforgettable holiday in the Fethiye region. The satisfaction of our customers is always a priority for us. That's why we strive to provide the highest quality and professionalism in the services we offer.

As St Manas Transfer, we offer an ideal holiday experience to discover the natural beauties, historical and cultural riches of the region. We offer customized services to meet our customers' needs and expectations. Our professional and experienced team is trained to meet all the needs of our customers.

In the services we offer, we attach great importance to safety as well as customer satisfaction. All our vehicles undergo regular maintenance and cleaning processes. In addition, the tools we use in our services meet the highest security standards.

As St Manas transfer, we will do our best to provide our customers with an unforgettable holiday experience in the Fethiye region. You can also rely on us for your holiday plans and benefit from our professional and quality services.